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Humour et Vigne

Humour et Vigne est une association consacrée au dessin d’humour et à la vigne (entre Bordeaux et Cognac). Des centaines de dessinateurs envoient des dessins pour chaque biennale.

15th International Cartoon Biennial - 2023 - Jonzac – France - Conditions participation 2023 (English version)

Dear friends, cartoonists, partners and amateurs,
It is with great pleasure that the whole "Humour & Vigne" team wishes you a Happy
New Year and informs you of the prospects for the 15th International Cartoon
Biennial from 23 June to 2 July 2023 at Cloître des Carmes - Jonzac – FRANCE.
On this occasion we wish to celebrate 30 years dedicated to our passion for humour,
tolerance and freedom of expression by gathering the talents of artists from all over
the world and offering a programme of about one hundred and seventy-five exhibitions
in seventy-five places, in France and abroad.*
A big thank you to all of those whose trust and faithful support encourage us to
persevere in our actions in favour of exchanges for the pleasure and well-being of all.
Faced with a future full of uncertainties, pursuing this commitment seems salutary.

All artists who wish to do so, are invited to send us their contribution.

Hoping to hear from you very soon, we remain at your disposal for further information.
Best wishes,
The Humour & Vigne team

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