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Humour et Vigne

Humour et Vigne est une association consacrée au dessin d’humour et à la vigne (entre Bordeaux et Cognac). Des centaines de dessinateurs envoient des dessins pour chaque biennale.

Conditions participation 2020 (English version)

Conditions of participation

1- NAME: 14th International Cartoon Biennial - 2020 - Jonzac – France

2- THEME: JOY OF LIFE (with or without link with the grape vine)
1st April 2020
4- PARTICIPANTS: cartoonists from all countries, of all ages, male or female.vine)
maximum 3 works. Preferably without captions.
Thank you to attach a card with name, address and other information from the author:
(a) by e-mail: JPEG 300 DPI digital card format
(b) by post: only good quality copies or DIN A4 digital works. They will not be returned.

6- REWARDS: In kind—mainly of a liquid kind, special invitations and trophies.
All artists whose artwork is selected for publication in the catalogue will receive a free copy.

7- COPYRIGHTS: The participants allow the organisers to publish certain of their works in the media, with the sole purpose of promoting the artist and the event, without any restriction or request for financial participation. Any other copyrights remain the property of the artist.

8- EXHIBITION: from 26 June to 5 July 2020 - Cloître des Carmes - JONZAC – FRANCE

Saturday, 27 June: Opening ceremony of the festival and festivities.

(a) for entries by email:
<vignumour@gmail.com> OR : <nolpeintre@gmail.com>
(b) for entries by post:

6 Hameau Chez Dupas

17130 Tugéras Saint-Maurice 

TEL: +33 5 46 70 32 69

MOB: +33 6 04 48 40 92


Facebook - Nol Hetv

YouTube - Humour & Vigne

Google - Humour et Vigne Web Albums

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