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Humour et Vigne

Humour et Vigne est une association consacrée au dessin d’humour et à la vigne (entre Bordeaux et Cognac). Des centaines de dessinateurs envoient des dessins pour chaque biennale.

Programme of exhibitions and events 2017-2018

Flying by Ralph Steadman, several times guest of H&V

Flying by Ralph Steadman, several times guest of H&V

13th International Cartoon Biennial - Jonzac from 29 June to 8 July 2018


On the agenda we propose:

     - exhibitions with over 500 works by hundreds of artists from around the world,

     - a "young public" exhibition with animations and guided tours for school groups,

     - the “Humour & Vigne” Festival with inauguration, shows, lectures, meals ....,

     - a “salon” of about twenty cartoonists invited to exchange, sign and draw caricatures,

     - the award of various prizes in kind (especially of a liquid kind),

     - publishing a catalogue, programme, poster, special vintage label,

     - the acclaimed “Balad'humour” (by coach), an amusing tour through the local vineyards,

     - travelling exhibitions in France and abroad.


Since the 12th Biennial in Jonzac in the summer of 2016, the Humour & Vigne team has taken part in sixteen events and around fifty educational workshops or guided tours, sharing its passion for humour, tolerance and freedom of expression.

As a reminder, in its 23 years of existence nearly one hundred and forty exhibitions have been organised in about sixty places in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, China, Ireland, Serbia and Morocco, totaling in recent years an average of 100,000 visitors per year .




Programme of exhibitions and events in 2017


- 8-9 April: 23rd edition of the Spring of Blaye wines in the heart of the Citadel of Blaye


- 4-5-9-11 May: workshops at Kindergarten  school “ le Parc” - Jonzac


- From 19 to 21 May: 8th International Festival of Cartoon and Caricature of Rouvroy-Virton

 (Belgium). Exhibition and workshops in schools.


- From 18 July to 8 August: International Children's Animation & Comics Festival - Libo, Guizhou (China)


- 16 September: Cartoon workshop - Departmental Archives of Charente-Maritime - Jonzac site


- From 19 to 24 September: 6th International Festival of Cartoon, Caricature and Satire of l'Estaque (Marseille)


- From 29 September to 8 October: 36th International Festival of Caricature and Cartoon  of St-Just le Martel (Limoges)


- From 7 to 22 October: 23rd  Wine & Music Festival of Grenoble


P.S. You will find other info on Humour & Vigne:




Facebook - Nol Hetv

You Tube - Humour & Vigne

Google+ photos - Humour et Vigne Web-Albums

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